Ny forskning belyser bivirkninger av antidepressiva

Fra PsychCentrals artikkel Warning: These Antidepressant Side Effects May Be Downplayed:

A new study discovers psychological problems resulting from depression medications have been understated, leading some authorities to question if the drugs have been over-prescribed. (…) Over half of people aged 18 to 25 in the study reported suicidal feelings and in the total sample there were large percentages of people suffering from “sexual difficulties” (62 percent) and “feeling emotionally numb” (60 percent).

Percentages for other effects included: “feeling not like myself” (52 percent), “reduction in positive feelings” (42 percent), “caring less about others” (39 percent) and “withdrawal effects” (55 percent). However, 82 percent reported that the drugs had helped alleviate their depression.