Diagnoser og sirkelargumentasjon

It should be clear that a DSM diagnostic category cannot be the “cause” of anything. A DSM diagnosis is a consensually agreed upon term—a form of shorthand—that we use to refer to a group of symptoms. If a colleague says a patient has generalized anxiety disorder, we know the patient has been excessively worried or anxious for six months or longer and it is severe enough to cause problems. That is basically all we know. Saying that anxiety is “caused” by generalized anxiety disorder makes no more sense than saying “anxiety is caused by anxiety.” A label is not a cause.

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Bedre kjærester

Psychology Today gir deg 15 «enkle» råd for et bedre samliv. Jeg liker spesielt nummer 3 og 4!

3. Overcome your L.D.D. (Listening Deficit Disorder). Whole-hearted listening is the greatest spiritual gift you can give to your partner. Drop the defensiveness, and listen only to understand, without interrupting, correcting facts, or counter-punching. Save your defense for another conversation.

4. Be self-focused. Connect with friends and family, pursue your own interests, and be of service to others. If your primary energy isn’t directed to living your own life as well as possible, you’ll be over-focused on your partner in a worried or critical way.


Gjør meg lykkelig!

Lykkeforskning (og egentlig alt annet man kan putte inn i samlesekken «positiv psykologi») er virkelig i vinden om dagen, men jeg må alltid stusse litt etter å ha lest, sett eller hørt om det nyeste fra lykkefronten. Det virker som at forskerne ofte glemmer at de baserer seg på selvrapport, som er en datainnsamlingsmetode med til tider ganske store svakheter. Denne artikkelen hos Big Think systematiserer lykkeforskningsfeltets muligheter og feilkilder på en lettfattelig måte.

While problems with context challenges the validity of the research, it especially makes comparing happiness over time, like when the Gallup World Poll declared that Americans in 2012 were the happiest since 2008, inherently flawed. Maybe our standards have just dropped. Who’s to say?

But as happiness metrics gain traction as a way to measure societal progress and direct government policy, it’s important to understand its limits and especially its dependence on implicit assumptions. As long as we’re going to build a new scientific vehicle to steer society forward, let’s also be sure to take a look at the road.

via If You’re Happy and You Know It, Check this Box. If You Hate Yourself and Want to Die, Please Elaborate Below | Experts’ Corner | Big Think.

Det skal allikevel sies, at tar man av forskerbrillene et øyeblikk kan lykkeforskning være ganske underholdende, faktisk på grensen til rørende og inspirerende, for eksempel i filmen Happy.

Happy – A Documentary Trailer from Wadi Rum Films on Vimeo.