Meditasjon på Colbert Report

Meditasjon brer om seg! Fra artikkelen «Dan Harris Led Colbert’s Audience in a Meditation Last Night» hos

Dan Harris, bestselling author of 10% Happier, talked to Stephen Colbert about exactly why he’s only 10% Happier (he doesn’t subscribe infinite happiness schlock pedalled by self-help gurus) and how meditation helps quiet that negative voice in your head.

Se hele epiosden her (intervjuet begynner ca 13:15): Colbert Report

DSM-V får motbør

The latest edition of DSM, the influential American dictionary of psychiatry, says that shyness in children, depression after bereavement, even internet addiction can be classified as mental disorders. It has provoked a professional backlash, with some questioning the alleged role of vested interests in diagnosis.

Medicine’s big new battleground: does mental illness really exist?